Covid-19 Protocol 

We have implemented the following measures listed below to help develop a temporary protocol that will help protect employees and guests in this time of crisis. 


1. Signage is placed at each public entrance of the facility. This signage informs all employees and guest that they should:

        A. Enter the office 1 guest, or household/living unit, at a time.

        B. Pool & lounge furniture regularly sanitized.

        C. Avoid entering the facility if you have a cough or fever.

        D. Maintain a minimum six-foot distance from one another.

        E. Sneeze and cough into a cloth or tissue, or if not available, into one’s elbow.

        F. Do not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.

2. Social Distancing Protocol is posted at each public entrance to the facility. 

Measures To Protect Employee Health

1. Anyone who can carry out their work duties from home has been directed to do so.

2. All employees have been told not to come to work if sick.

3. Symptom checks are being conducted before employees may enter the workspace.

4. All desks or individual workstations are separated by at least six feet.

5. Sneeze guard installed in office.

6. Break rooms, bathrooms, and other common areas are being disinfected frequently, on the following schedule:

        A. Break rooms: Every hour (or as needed).

        B. Bathroom: Every hour (or as needed).

        C. Office: Every hour (or as needed).

        D. Housekeeping & Maintenance: Every hour(or as needed).

7. Disinfectant and related supplies are available to all employees at the following location(s):

        A. Office & Housekeeping.

8. Hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19 is available to all employees at the following location(s):

        A. Office & Housekeeping.

9. Soap and water are available to all employees at the following location(s):

        A. Housekeeping & Bathroom

10.This protocol has been distributed to all employees.

Measures To Protect Guest Health

1. Employees wear appropriate PPE in accordance with regulations.

2. Touch-less hand sanitizer dispenser provided in office.

3. Multi-use and unnecessary items/amenities have been removed from room (available upon request).

4. Housekeeping does not enter guest rooms during stay.

5. Increase frequency of cleaning and sanitizing common areas on the following schedule:

        A. Guest room door knobs: Every hour (or as needed).

        B. Pool & lounge furniture regularly sanitized.

        C. All hand rails: Ever hour (or as needed).

        D. Bathroom: Every hour (or as needed).

        E. Office: Every hour (or as needed).

6. Mechanism in place for clean rooms not to be entered between guests.

7. The frequency of air filter replacement and HVAC system cleaning is increased to maximize fresh air exchange.

8. If possible, rooms are left vacant for 24hours prior to or after cleaning.

9. In the case of a presumptive COVID-19 positive guest, the guest’s room is removed from service and quarantined and the guest room is not returned to service until case is confirmed or cleared. In the event of a positive case, the room is only returned to service after undergoing an enhanced sanitation protocol.

10.This protocol is available on our website.

Measures To Prevent Crowds From Gathering:

1. Contactless check-in and check-out.

2. Self check-in prior to arrival.

3. 1 guest, or household/living unit, at a time in office.

4. Pool & lounge furniture regularly sanitized.

5. Discontinue continental breakfast

Measures To Keep People At Least Six Feet Apart

1. Placed sign outside of the office reminding people to be at least six feet apart. 2. 1 guest, or household/living unit, at a time in office.

3. Pool & lounge furniture regularly sanitized..

4. All employees have been instructed to maintain at least six feet distance from guests and from each other, except employees may momentarily come closer when necessary to accept payment, deliver goods or services, or as otherwise necessary.

Measures To Prevent Unnecessary Contact

1. No self-serving any items that are food-related. For example:

       A. Lids for cups and food-bar type items are provided by staff, not to guests to grab.

       B. Coffee and/or tea available by request.

       C. Ice available upon request

       D. Amenities available upon request.

2. Contactless check-in & check-out.

Measures To Increase Sanitization

1. Disinfecting wipes that are effective against COVID-19 are available

      A. Employee(s) assigned to disinfect common areas regularly.

      B. Hand sanitizer, soap and water, or effective disinfectant is available to the public at the entrance of the hotel.

      C. Disinfecting all payment portals, pens, etc after each use.

      D. Disinfecting all high-contact surfaces frequently.

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